Let us help your Chinese business! Interpretation-Translation-Human Resources are all handled by our consultation service!

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Business Support from GBC Shanghai – Let us become your company’s task force!

Language Service

Interpretation, Translation, Multilingual Websites, Enquiry Proxy… etc.

Research Co-ordination Service

Recruitment, Research Campaigns, Progress Management…etc.

Sales Development Service

Possible Client Search, Telemarketing, IT Sales…etc

Chinese Advancement Service

Observation, Consulting Interpretation, Chinese Trade Fair Support…etc.

Chinese Local Subsidiary Establishment, Resident Office Support, Legal Support…etc.

GBS Members Service

Rental Offices, Arrangement Service (Reservation, Arrangements)

You have access to our consulting and other services.


Are you having trouble finding new clients or sales opportunities? 

  • Our staff will pursue the feeling, nature, and values of your company as they dutifully help you complete such jobs as IT Sales, Client Finding, Multilingual Effective Webpage Making, and Query Proxying.

Do you worry about privacy issues when outsourcing? 

  • Although China’s manufacturing infrastructure has continued to pick up speed in the area of equipment, problems regarding intellectual property, privacy leakage, and quality control continue to occur. At GBC Shanghai, we take a vow never to allow your information to be leaked, and are always working hard to ensure that quality and efficiency are continuously being improved and sustained.

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