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We Continue To Provide More Chances for World Expansion and Improvement of Humanity

Since establishment in 1975 up to the present we have strived to offer support as a communication professionals group to many enterprises, by providing interpretation, translation, HR, and temping in an earnest manner.
Today, we have surpassed the framework as a simple linguistic HR provider, and we continue to discard old-fashioned concepts as we develop our business on the freedom of our imaginations. We are always challenging new and exciting industires such as Business Consulting and Web Marketing. With our linguistic skills, HR skills, information skills, and creative skills, our 30 years of experience and know how can be used to the upmost as we support enterprises wishing to develop overseas, ultimately contributing to the globalisation of industries.

Our Mission

Through international business support, we contribute to the expansion of global production services.

Our Objective

·Learning through work, as we continue to work subjectively
·Learn the importance of teamwork; actively pursue the client’s happiness.
·Through our work, raise our own communicative abilities and quality as an international talent; continue to contribute to society by producing a skillfull workforce.

Our Guidelines

·Understand that the world is full of variables, and always be ready to flexibly adapt.
·Provide creative ways of working when no prior example is available.
·Continue to upgrade quality as we speedily respond to the client’s needs.

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