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Our Chinese business development started in 1975, shortly after the normalization of international relations between Japan and China in 1972. Utilizing our accumulated know-how and achievements, we established a local subsidary in Shanghai, China in 2003. The co-operation of this subsidary with our Tokyo head office marked the start of our entry as a supporter of activity in the Chinese market. As welll as supporting your advancement into China, we can also handle any of your local business support needs.
  Company Outline

Company Name GBC Shanghai

China • Shanghai

200020  9013 Novel Bld. Huaihai Zhong Rd. 887, Shanghai
+86-(0)21-6474-0041 FAX+86-(0)21-6474-0026


<China – Xiantiandi Office>
168 Jinanlu Huangpu District Shanghai
+86-(0)21-6387-7822  FAX+86-(0)21-6384-5646

<Tokyo Office>

107-0061 3F 1-4-1 Kita-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo
03-3470-1777 FAX03-3470-8633

<U.S.A San Fransisco Office>

440 Davis Ct.APT.#2201,
San Francisco,CA 94111.USA
+1-415-439-34165 FAX+1-415-513-5502

Establishment July 2003
Capital USD $140,000

International Business Support

Research & Consulting

Sales & Marketing Operations
Sales Development Service (Possible Client Search, Telemarketing, IT Sales)
Research Co-Ordination Service
Recruiting, Research Campaigns, Progress Management

Language Services (Interpretation, Translation, Multilingual Homepage, Enquiry Proxy

Main Clients 
Main Bank Bank of China Luwan Branch
Main Achievements

Research & Consulting Related

  • Consumer Research Beijing – Shanghai – Guangzhou Depth Interview, Visiting Research, Detaining Experiments
  • Item Research, Restaurant Research, Interior Design ResearchShanghai
  • Automobile Sales Target Research Shanghai
  • Arcade Machine Market Research (Shanghai)
  • Research Prior to Chinese Advancement Shanghai
  • Company Shanghai production baseCredit Check (3 yrs)
  • Chinese Tunnel Traffic Research (Truck Regulations, State Standards, Shanghai Standards)
  • Used PC Market Research (Shanghai, Guangzhou
  • Printer Market ResearchBeijingShanghaiGuangzhou

Sales & Marketing Related

  • China Logisitic Base Expansion Support
  • Chinese Branch Planning Support Reaching main cities from Shanghai as a base
  • Machinery Parts Factory Establishment Support Guangzhou
  • Electronics Local Subsidiary Establishment Support Guangzhou
  • Textiles/Weaving Production Base Establishment SupportExpansion from Shanghai as a base
  • Residential Resources Production Base Establishment Support
  • Enterprise Market Research, Local Interpretation,  Negotiation Arrangement
  • Guangzhou Trade Fair Inspection Arranging, Negotiation Support
  • Pharmaceutical Company Logisitic Inspection Arranging
  • City Development, Building Maintenance-related Trade Fair Stall Support
  • LEDRelated Trade Fair Inspection Support

Language Service Related

  • Design Technology Translation Consulting, Jp-Ch Legal Support
  • Large Japanese Communications Corporation Shanghai Opening Event Interpretation Support
  • Shanghai Motor Show Large Japanese Corporation Booth Interpretation Recruitment etc.

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